Complete SQL data auditing

Magnifying glass

Keep track of all of the changes made to a tables data, who made them and what the old and new values are.

Point-in-time data undo

Recover data from any point in time, even if the data has been deleted from the table.

Easy to use

Quick and simple click to audit interface and simple audit view and drill down tools.

Each data change creates a new audit entry and each entry contains the old and new value, type of operation, row identity, user, host name and the application the exact time.
No additional services or processes are required to run SQL Table Audit. It only uses triggers, stored procedures and functions so there is nothing additional that needs to be done to your database server for it to work.
If a tables changes then SQL Table Audit will automatically update the auditing triggers.

An undo script can be generated from audited SQL data should it be required.

You can undo SQL data changes to a new table or to a file.

Data change events can be filtered by all logged attributes. These include:
  • Type (inserts, updates, deletes)
  • Date
  • Row identity
  • Old value
  • New value
  • Column name
  • User
  • Application
  • Host name
Using SQL Table Audit is simple, it works how you would expect and it is fast.
Supports SQL 2005, 2008, 2012 and Azure.
Note: some features are not supported on SQL Azure
SQL Table Audit can optionally audit the SQL insert|update|delete statements that affect audited data.
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